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new four week series.

Join Lauren on a four week exploration of YOUR chakra system

Once considered 'woo-woo', the chakra energy system has now gone mainstream and for good reason too!

In this fun four week series you will be introduced to the chakra system and learn how to work with your chakras as a tool for meditation, self-awareness and self growth.


about lauren.

Her story & qualifications


a seven step journey. 

Feel confident, nurtured and empowered to awaken to your true self and embrace your life whole heartedly!

In these life coaching sessions Lauren will support you to identify what your life purpose is, what truly matters to you and most importantly how you can take powerful, yet simple and grounded, steps to live in true alignment with your purpose.

You will also be supported to identify and explore any blocks preventing you from taking this life affirming action, as you peel back the layers of conditioning, inherited and limited belief systems and fears you hold so you can live a life of purpose, passion and meaning!



Lauren's thoughts and guidance on life purpose, spirituality and meditation