I’m all about embracing the life that is here with an open and compassionate heart — when we consciously choose to be here now we can live with greater depth, clarity and alignment.

My definition of the good life includes adventurous travel and time with those I love; long distance thru hiking and creating space to grow spiritually; enjoying the epic moments that life has to offer but also sitting with and learning from the challenging ones. I love good design, sexy interiors and dancing to some old school hip hop. I’m saddened by the way our global collective treats our Mother Earth and those perceived as 'other'. I am angered by how our global leaders are governed by greed, fear based policy and talk in half or mis-truths. I believe we all have a part to play in lifting the global consciousness to live a more sustainable, compassionate and unified existence.

I stand for living a life that is unapologetically aligned to your values and inner truth. I have lived the life that society expects of you and know personally just how soul crushing, unhealthy and numbing it can be. 

Meditation is my medicine and continues to provide me with the space to truly see and break the trance of everyday living. 

I find my peace camping in the wilderness and drinking water from mountain rivers. It is an insatiable feeling that I don't think I will ever get enough of. 

Experiencing infertility has served as my biggest turning point. It forced me to stop living small and begin to live a life that was truly aligned with me...not what was expected of by others.

Yet it was my meditation practice that taught me how to embrace the wholeness of life, to rest in uncertainty, to let go and surrender to what is and open my heart to possibilities beyond my wildest dreams.

My dream is to keep growing spiritually and continue to offer my personal and professional learnings to other souls so that they too can embrace the life that is here with ease and grace. 

As a meditation teacher and coach I am committed to offering a grounded, nurturing and compassionate service to my clients.

I believe that we are all perfect and whole just as we are. We do not need improvement or 'fixing'. Everything we are really seeking is within us. We just need to learn how to reconnect to this wisdom once again and be bold and brave enough to not just hear it but act on it. 

I love this quote by Tara Brach - "There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.” 

It is a reminder that we are all human and life is, and will always be, imperfectly perfect. Our freedom and inner peace lies in accepting our life (the good, the bad and the mundane) exactly as it is in this very moment. 




Qualified Meditation Teacher, with an Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation through the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies which is accredited by Meditation Association of Australia. This qualification has taken Lauren on a 12 month journey of appreciating what it takes to develop a strong personal meditation practice and guide a safe transformative meditations through a wide variety of techniques. 

Certified Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach recognised through the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC) and is an approved training course with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Other fields of study:

  • Understanding and Managing Stress

  • Buddhism and Mindfulness

  • Journaling for Clarity

  • Meditation and the Chakras

  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance through Monash University

  • Industry Accredited Certificate of Nutrition

  • Certificate in the Principles of Meal and Menu Planning

  • Bachelor of Laws and Arts

  • Cert III in Interior Design and Decoration