a journey to discover your inner truth.

Before I reconnected with the inherent truth of my heart I can remember saying things like "I'm just not passionate about anything". I was negative (or a "realist" as I liked to say back then), felt a deep sense of unfulfilment particularly from my career, was a control freak, felt emotionally unstable, was easily triggered and made many decisions based on fear or worries.

Thankfully, after having a series of wake up calls, finding meditation and having regular ITA Energy Alignments I began to transcend the beliefs, fears and stories that had kept me living small for so long and start taking true directorship of my life.

Living a life of passion, purpose and meaning IS FOR EVERYONE. Not just a special few. Your life purpose doesn't have to be outrageous or 'special'. It just needs to resonate with you from a place of truth and love. That is why I developed this program so that you can create the space you need to go inward, transcend what no longer serves you and begin living a life that is authentically aligned to YOU!

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what programs do you offer?

Based on my personal journey and professional experience as a meditation teacher and life coach I have developed a unique and powerful seven step The Path To Living With An Awakened Heart.

This intensive program has been designed to support you to create the space you need to go inward, peel back the layers of conditioning, inherited and limited belief systems and fears you hold, identify what truly matters to you, discover what give you meaning and purpose, and most importantly know how you can take powerful, yet simple and grounded, steps to live in alignment with your true self.

You will also be supported to identify and explore any blocks preventing you from taking this life affirming action.

who is the awakened heart program for?

This program is for you if you:

  • Want to connect to your true self and stop living a life based on other people's opinions

  • Are ready to overcome fears, self defeating thought patterns and step into your greatness

  • Are seeking more joy, passion and purpose in your life

  • Want more clarity about the direction of your life

  • Are looking for a sense of meaning and fulfilment

  • Have entered a new phase of life and not sure what the next step is

  • Want to instigate positive and sustainable changes to your lifestyle in relation to mindset, emotional resilience or healthy living

  • Want to discover your authentic self and live a life that is in true alignment to that

Because of you I have: clarity, passion, drive, a re-wired brain & positive mindset and the realisation that I have a choice, I can choose to change or nothing changes
— Vanya
I have gained clarity, affirmation and belief about my life’s purpose that for the 1st time I can genuinely see and feel it can be a reality. That is motivating & energising.
— Josique

what's included?

During your 7 x 60 minute private sessions, I will support you in:

  • Undertaking an in depth analysis of your current situation

  • Discovering of your ‘why’ and motivations for change

  • Reconnecting with who you truly are at your core, what you stand for, what you value, what you are passionate about and your unique strength profile

  • Developing of your own personal philosophy

  • Assessing how aligned your life is with your inner core and support in aligning wholeheartedly to that

  • Exploring strategies to overcome self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and fears that keep you from moving forward in life

  • Using different tools to allow you to continue to develop your connection to your heart centre and reintegrate your passions and purpose into your life

I will also provide you with:

  • Personally selected meditations and inspiring resources to assist you on your journey

  • Journaling exercises and affirmations targeted at shifting your perspectives and processing you emotions in a healthy way

  • A guided mini meditation at the commencement of each session and assistance in developing a meditation routine if interested

  • A detailed summary following each session

  • Email check-ins as required

  • A welcome pack which includes your Pathway To An Awakened Heart Booklet

Receive 20% off any courses, workshops or retreats run by The Little Wellness Co. for two months from the commencement of your program.

how does it work and what is your coaching style like?

I now have a very clear understanding of who I am and what I stand for in life.
— Mel

Each session runs for 60 minutes and commences with an optional five minute meditation.

The sessions are held privately with me via Skype or face to face from my home in Wembley.

My coaching style is known to be grounded, nurturing and supportive. As your coach I am focused on empowering you to take directorship of your life so you can live a life of meaning and purpose. 

Choose Skype sessions get a 10% discount!

how much is the program?

The total cost for the 7 x 60 minute sessions is $650.00 when paid in full.

I also offer a limited number of sessions for one-off clients or those seeking only a few sessions at $110 per session. 

Enhance your program by combining it with ITA Energy Alignments.

Instalment payment plan is available on request.

Receive a 10% discount when you choose Skype consults

how do I book in a session or find out more?

Please fill in the form below.

Once you complete the form I will send you a copy of the client info pack with further information about the program.

I will also arrange a free 30 minute chat with you to deepen my understanding of your current situation, your alignment with the program and for you to ask me any questions before committing to the program. Simply tick the appropriate box below when completing the form.

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