I am always open and delighted to discuss potential collaborations with like minded people and organisations.

This may include:

  • guiding meditations for group or team building events
  • recording unique and bespoke meditations for business owners wanting to enhance their clients experience
  • speaking at events on meditation, mindfulness, life purpose and wellness
  • co-hosting or providing services at wellness retreats such as workshops, talks on mindfulness and meditation classes
  • podcasts interviews
  • guest blog posts

Corporate Wellness

I also offerbespoke corporate wellness programs for organisations seeking to enhance employee well-being, workplace culture, productivity, engagement and motivation both inside and outside the workplace.

With a background in law and extensive personal experience working for professional organisations, I understand the fast paced and high pressured corporate environment and the impact it can have on employee wellbeing, staff productivity and workplace satisfaction.

I work with organisations to create healthy and mindful workplaces that support and enhance employee wellbeing, create positive workplace culture and positively impact workplace satisfaction, engagement, productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • meditation and mindfulness classes (before or after work and during lunch times)
  • wellness workshops
  • team building nature based activities
  • day or half day wellness retreats
  • lifestyle food and wellness coaching sessions for individuals

Past clients include

We asked Lauren to come along and talk to us as part of a Mind Body and Soul initiative we ran in our division. Lauren ran her Wellness by Design workshop which was both inspirational as well as practical.

We each learnt so much about ourselves, from what areas of our life we’d like to improve and how to set meaningful achievable goals to achieve overall well being. Through asking the thoughtful questions and getting us to define our values, Lauren ensured that each of us left the workshop with a sense of purpose and excitement about the goals we’d set.

Thank you so much to The Little Wellness Company - we’d definitely have you back!
— BankWest

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