The 5 Day Social Media Detox Challenge


When does the challenge start?

We kick off on Sunday 13th August and finish midnight on Thursday 17th August!

Who is the challenge for?

Anyone with a social media account! That means Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Get the whole family involved - your partner, boyfriend, husband. Got kids? Fab, let's get the teens off their phone and being present for 5 days! Don't forget to include your work colleagues & friends! The more people on board the higher your chances of success. Create your own Social Media Free Tribe by getting them to sign up too!!

Why should I take a break from social media?

I'll be the first to admit that I love social media and that it absolutely has its benefits. But everything in moderation right!?

As a society we are becoming way too obsessed with our phones and missing out on simple, precious every day moments that are occurring right in front of us. How often do you jump on the train and whip your phone out or sit at dinner with your phone on the table or watch a tv show while also on Facebook? 

More and more evidence is showing that too much social media can be linked to depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, sadness, irritability, relationship issues, disinterest and low productivity. Oh and massive FOMO! ;) 

Did I mention the challenge is free? Nothing to lose! 

Join The Challenge!


What will I gain?

Imagine spending time with your loved ones where you are 100% engaged in conversation.
No distractions!
Imagine feeling grateful for the day you've had and not wishing you were on holiday in the Maldives like that travel blogger who has a seriously amazing body, perfect hair and an envious life! 
Imagine feelings of inner peace, contentment, positivity and lower stress levels.
Imagine focusing on one thing at a time and being productive.
Imagine deepening your connection with those around you.
Imagine feeling clear minded and having time to do what truly makes you happy.

You can gain all this and more. It's really up to you!

How will you support me?

To support and empower you to achieve 5 days without social media Lauren will be acting as your Virtual Coach! She will email you with daily tips, videos and other inspirational material.

The Little Wellness Co. wants to see you succeed and start to live a healthier & more meaningful life! 


Join The Challenge!