Personal Story


I am a total Perthian with a passion for adventure, travel, hiking, meditation, interior design, rescuing fur babes, conscious living, spirituality and connecting with family and friends over a fabulous vegan meal, laughter and glass of vino...or two. 

I believe that to live a meaningful and fulfilling life we truly need to reconnect with our innate heart wisdom and begin to live a life that is deeply aligned with who we truly are at our core. We need to step into our epicness and in doing so share our unique gifts with the world. 

But I haven't always had this outlook on life. In fact, my life use to be filled with anxiety, stress, sickness, negativity and cynicism. 

Prior to following my dreams and passions through The Little Wellness Co. I was a Law grad who was following a much different path. In all honesty that path I was on never resonated with me and I always felt like I was 'role playing' to fit in. I was never passionate about my career and had surrounded myself with a culture and environments that fuelled my unhealthy mindset and belief systems. Despite having a secure job, a six-figure salary, a fabulous house in the western suburbs, money for designer clothes and travelling as much as I wanted, I often found myself still feeling disconnected from life, deeply unfulfilled and saying things like "I'm just not that passionate about anything" or thinking "Is this it?".

Looking back, I had become a passenger in the ride of life, living on auto pilot and basing my life choices on inherited and societal belief systems.

My first turning point and much needed shift in perception came when, in 2012, I experienced personal struggles with infertility. My life was turned upside down because I could no longer achieve what I believed was the only way to live a successful and meaningful life as a woman - through having children. Although this first turning point wasn't enough to cause me to take life altering action it certainly started to awaken me to the way I was living my life and the thoughts that controlled me. It was as if my trance had been broken and I could see the chaos around me.

A few years later I experienced one of my lowest points in my career when I experienced workplace bullying and very high levels of stress and anxiety. Not long after that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, a thyroid related autoimmune disease.

In hindsight I can now see how the universe was giving me another opportunity to wake up and honour my inner truth, live with purpose and take real action. 

Soon after I went on an epic 21 day, 400km hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California with my husband, our backpacks and our tent. The simplicity of life out there and the power of mother nature created the space I needed to get real about my life. It's cliche but spending time hiking the trail changed me forever. I couldn't run from my truth and fears out there! For the first time I was able to clearly hear and trust my intuition and my heart wisdom. Needless to say I came back ditched the government job and decided to follow my heart.

These challenges inspired me to confront my self limiting beliefs and fears and start actively and consciously directing my life.

After reconnecting with the inherent truth of my heart through nature, meditation, self exploration and mentoring I stopped living small and I started to honour my true self by taking real action to align my life with my passions and purpose. 

Oh and since doing so my autoimmune disease miraculously disappeared as well...says something about the impact that stress can have on you!

But following a life of truth, love and purpose is not without its challenges and obstacles. I am tested regularly but my core is strong. I know what I value, what I stand for and what matters to me.

A simple shift in perception means that I now evolve with life, surrender control of how it should be and accept what it is. I always try to embrace a flowing sense of self and ultimately let life live through me with a focus on how I want to experience each moment. No longer defined by roles, labels or stories that had kept me small for so long!

After my experiences so far I am now passionate about empowering and inspiring others to awaken and align to the inherent truth of their heart, to empower them to stop living small and discover their own unique epicness!

Living a life of passion, purpose and meaning is for everyone, not just a small special few. Your life purpose and what brings you deep fulfilment does not have to be extravagant. It just needs to resonate with you from a place of pure truth and love.





I am a certified Lifestyle Food & Wellness Coach and International Institute for Complementary Therapists practitioner. I completed my certification through Cadence Health and Wellness Coaching Australia (WCA). This unique certificate is recognised through the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC) and is an approved course with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

I am currently in the final stages of completing my Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation through the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies which is accredited by Meditation Association of Australia. Completing this intensive and life changing qualification has taken me on the most incredible 12 month journey of truly appreciating what it takes to develop a strong

personal meditation practice and guide a safe and transformative meditation through a wide variety of techniques for those who attend my classes, retreats and workshops. 

I also hold an Industry Accredited Certificate of Nutrition as well a Certificate in the Principles of Meal and Menu Planning. I have undertaken further studies in Understanding and Managing Stress through WCA, Lifecycles and Mahat Meditation through the Australian StillPoint Institute and completed a certificate in Mindfulness For Wellbeing and Peak Performance through Monash University.

I also hold a Bachelor of Laws and Arts as well as a Cert III in Interior Design and Decoration.