Reclaim Your Life

Let's not sugar coat it, experiencing infertility or difficulty conceiving can be heart wrenching. The life you had planned since you were young or met the love of your life suddenly appears to be unattainable and outside your reach. In addition to the initial diagnosis a rollercoaster ride awaits many women and it is often filled with tests, invasive medical procedures, IVF rounds, unnatural hormones, naturopathic consults, acupuncture sessions, unsolicited advice, grappling with the emotions of seeing others have babies...the list goes on!

I know first hand how easy it is to become consumed by this process, lose your sense of self and not enjoy everyday life while waiting for that positive test result or healthy baby to arrive. 

I also know the negative impact infertility and invasive fertility treatments can have on your mind, body, energy levels and relationship with your partner. It is not uncommon for women going through this process to disassociate from their body in order to cope with scheduled intercourse, invasive procedures and unnatural hormone induced changes to their body. Living outside your body becomes much easier than feeling and connecting to it whole heartedly.

Infertility can be a lonely, isolating and an overwhelming experience. There is only so much we can confide in and seek support from others who haven't experienced it. This is why I have developed this heart centred program. I have been there and I get it - failed IVF rounds, ups and downs and invasive procedures - the whole shebang! But I can honestly say that my journey has lead me live a life filled with passion, meaning and purpose beyond my wildest dreams, even though it doesn't look like the life I once dreamt of. I firmly believe that finding inner peace in uncertainty or change is possible and available to those who seek it.

What is this program about?

Watch a short video on Lauren's experience with infertility and the program

In this life changing program I bring my personal experience with infertility and professional experience as a life coach and meditation teacher to empower you to reclaim your life in a compassionate, grounded and dedicated way. 

This program is not about solving your infertility, but it is 100% about empowering you to:

  • reclaim your sense of self
  • learn how to live with ease amongst uncertainty and change
  • rediscover your passion and love for life
  • realise your life's purpose and find meaning in life even if that does not involve having children
  • enjoy every day moments and begin to live in the present moment
  • reconnect to your body
  • enhance your relationships with those you love

No matter where you are on your infertility journey - beginning, middle or end - this program is about empowering you to live a meaningful, fulfilling and passionate life regardless of what the future may hold.

Feel grounded, energised and passionate about your life again!

Who is this program for?

This program is for women who as a result of infertility:

  • feel disconnected from their sense of self
  • feel that without children they will not live a meaningful or fulfilling life
  • feel they have disconnected from their body in some way
  • feel they are no longer excited or passionate about life or the current direction of their life
  • struggle with the uncertainty of their future
  • have lost themselves and are ready to reclaim their life
  • are currently experiencing challenges getting pregnant and want to take proactive steps to build their resilience and ensure they still enjoy life while going through infertility procedures
  • are struggling to find acceptance, peace or compassion for themselves and those around them

What's included?

During your 12 x 60 minute private sessions with Lauren, you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of your current life situation
  • Understand how to use the power of self-compassion to support you when experiencing emotional difficulty
  • Explore meditation and mindfulness as a way to ground yourself, gently reconnect with your body and immerse in the present moment
  • Use journalling techniques as a way of validating and processing emotions and gaining clarity
  • Reconnect with who you truly are at your core, what you stand for, what you value, what you are passionate about and your unique strength profile
  • Discover and develop of your life purpose theme
  • Determine what you need to do to start living a life fuelled by purpose and meaning
  • Learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and live fearlessly 
  • Find out what your gift back to the world is
  • Be supported to create a life in true alignment with the inherent truth of your heart 
  • Develop tools to allow you to continue to develop your life's purpose and reintegrate your purpose into your life
  • Be supported by Lauren on a weekly basis that ensure you continue on the path to success
  • Receive inspiring information personally selected to assist you on your journey
  • Email check-ins as required each week

How does it work?

Each session runs for 60 minutes.

The sessions are held privately with Lauren via Skype or face to face from Lauren's home in Wembley.

Those who sign up for Skype sessions will receive a 10% discount!

How do I apply or find out more?

Lauren has a very limited number of places for this program. 
Please fill in the form below to enquire. Once received Lauren will send you a prospective client info pack and if selected below she will also arrange a free heart centred (obligation free) 45 minute call to gain further clarity about your current situation, discuss your alignment with the program and for you to ask her any questions. 

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