Meet The Health Nut - Lauren Howe 

"This week, we met with Lauren Howe, the brains behind The Little Wellness Co., a super cool lifestyle coaching business in Perth. Lauren is all about balance and is not afraid to let her hair down with a glass of wine every now and then. "


Being Positive Pays Off Article

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Living On Purpose Webinar Interview

Lauren chats to Carla about what it means to live with purpose and gives her top tips on reconnecting to what lies within.


Truly Me Podcast

Listen as Eleanor Healy interviews Lauren about her personal transformational journey!

"Get a dose of soothing conversation with encouraging realizations and practical tips to dig deep into what your soul is trying to tell you. Don’t miss this great episode!"

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Guided Meditation Webinar Interview

Watch as Carla Thomas interviews Lauren about meditation, the benefits, how to practice it, and tips for beginners and advanced techniques!



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