This week marked the end of my 7 week program to find myself again & reconnect with my purpose and passions.

Lauren, I cannot thank you enough! It’s been an amazing journey and has opened up not only my mind but my heart.

When I look back through my workbook, I see huge changes, with my answers now the complete opposite! The passion for my career has been ignited, not that it ever really left, but I now have a new found urge to learn, learn, learn and as I put on my vision board those courses and workshops are booked.

The uneasy feeling of sadness, entrapment, feeling lost and disconnected to EVERYONE is going. The little rules that I’d planted because ‘I’m a mum’ had taken away some of my values and I’ve now realised that I’d made all those rules up and, in doing so made myself stressed and sad! No longer could I play my music loud anymore because ‘ I’m a mum’. But, I can. I’m a good mum and if music is high on my value list, then I can play it as loud as I like. ( of course, within reason) I shouldn’t go out and enjoy a drink with my friends...All just seems silly and some might say ‘that’s just silly’ but we all do it whether we realise it or not. Being a mum as much as it’s amazing is hard, especially when your ‘me’ and you put so much pressure on yourself to ensure your son has the best life, feels loved etc etc.

My PD journey won’t end here, I’ve loved it!

Because of you I have: clarity, passion, drive, a re-wired brain & positive mindset and the realisation that I have a choice, I can choose to change or nothing changes - Thank you Lauren.
— Vanya, 40

I have been seeking some guidance and support around going back to study and getting my career on track, and a friend recommended I reach out Lauren - I’m so glad I did.

I am already buzzing about what’s ahead for me. I can’t remember ever feeling this excited about my future.

Lauren has this knack of helping me uncover things I already knew about myself intuitively, but have never apreciated as gifts, using gentle prompts and amazing conversation.

I would recommend this program to anyone with even an inkling that they want more from life.
— Stevie

I was lucky enough to have Lauren from The Little Wellness Co. as my Wellness Coach for the last 3 months of 2016. I reached out to her because I was in a place where I had been putting everyone else before myself. I became a mum at the end of 2015 so 2016 was mostly spent learning how to be a mum and trying to keep everyone happy. This left nothing for me. I had no idea what I wanted for myself and for my future because I didn’t know who I was anymore. It was quite a tough spot to be in and to top it off I was living overseas with no family support….As hard as it was it instigated the change!

When I connected with Lauren it was so positive from the start. As I was overseas we had our sessions via Skype and it worked really well. Although there was distance between us, it never felt like it. She really had my back, believed in my ability and was so encouraging with my achievements, no matter big or small. She would check in with me between sessions to see how I was going with tasks and if I needed anything, she was always there for me.

Prior to working with Lauren I had lived my life self-doubting, lacking the confidence and self-belief to do things/say things with conviction, never voiced my opinion because I didn’t want to rock the boat. This has all changed now! With Lauren’s support and guidance, I learnt how to set short term goals and she walked by my side giving me encouragement as I achieved and ticked them off my list one by one! Lauren made me accountable and helped me to set a vision of how I see my life - I continue to work towards manifesting this.

All of the homework or ‘self-work’, was so interesting and as the time went on I realised new things about myself – what my strengths are, what kind of person I am & want to be and now I am living this day to day. I found the tasks I was set enjoyable, even though some were tough, because it made me really think about my direction and take a good, hard look at myself. I found that gaining an understanding of how to live my truth made me the happiest I have been - so much more calm and balanced.

One of my goals was to start a blog – this is something I have wanted to do since 2008 and never did because I was too scared of being judged by people or that no one would like it or read it. When I made the decision with Lauren that I would be doing this for myself it changed my attitude towards it. I created my blog site in two days and the posts just started flooding into my head. Pushing the ‘PUBLISH’ button on that was one of the scariest things I have done but at the same time it was the most liberating! The pride I had for myself when I overcame my fear of judgement was such a massive boost.

I also made goals to make time for daily physical activity, to make a career change and I’ve recently been able to set new short term goals for this year which is pretty exciting. I was never one to set goals, I just let things happen and dealt with it as it came – but now I know how to be proactive and take control of how I want my life to be. Yes, there will be set backs and spanners thrown in the works but now I have the tools to deal with these things in a more positive and capable way instead of letting it all get on top of me and get me down. I now believe in my ability to get back on my path anytime I get swayed.

I know for a fact, if I hadn’t engaged with tLWCo. that I would be in a completely different place right now and it probably wouldn’t be a great one. Thanks to Lauren I also know myself so much better and am looking forward to what’s to come.
— Sarah, 34

Lauren has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease in her presence. She has a way of inspiring you and making you feel more confident. By setting goals together incrementally and creating a realistic plan for action I was able to achieve my wellness goals. With Lauren’s encouragement and support I know others will be able to achieve their goals too. Thank you for your help Lauren.
— Ashley, 26

Lauren has provided me with excellent encouragement to achieve my personal wellness goals. Rather than applying a one size fits all approach to the wellness coaching, Lauren took the time to understand my motivations and personality style to ensure that I would get the best out of the coaching sessions and myself.

With Lauren’s encouragement, I was able to not only set myself realistic and meaningful goals but was able to follow through each week. By helping me brainstorm and identify the barriers and self defeating thoughts that would stop me achieving my goals each week and I was able enact strategies to promote success.

More importantly Lauren’s encouragement for me to see the positives and celebrate my accomplishments when things didn’t go to plan was essential.

Since completing weekly sessions with Lauren over a 3 month period I have been able to reduce my stress and become more focused, mindful and positive. This has improved my own well-being and helped me balance full time work, university study and my personal life.

Wellness sessions with Lauren allowed me to take control of my own well-being and prioritise the things most important to me.
— Stephen, 27

Life coaching with Lauren has elevated my career, my sense of stability in knowing myself, my relationships. But mainly as I connect with myself more it has really made things so much clearer. I have a greater sense of direction with how I want to live my purpose!
— Zsuzsa
Working with Lauren to identify my passion and core values was an inspiring experience. Working out strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and structuring how to achieve my goals in a supportive and nurturing environment.
— Theresa

I’m feeling so excited about what’s to come and way more motivated. You’ve helped to cure my post holiday depression!
— Alice, 26

When I contacted Lauren I was on maternity leave and dreading the thought of going back to work and felt that I could do something else but unsure of what I was passionate about.

After completing the 7 session program I felt reenergised, creative and purposeful. The program inspired me to start an action plan towards a career change and start of my own business. It also helped me become more grateful and mindful of the positive things in my life.

The biggest shift since finishing the program has been that I no longer focus on self-limiting beliefs but instead on the possibilities of achieving my goals and dreams.

My life is full of promise and exploration of various business ventures. I feel that my goals are achievable and will be accomplished in the near future. I also feel very excited to do something that I enjoy and is aligned to my life purpose theme.
— Paula

Firstly a huge ‘THANK YOU’ Lauren for facilitating this amazing journey ….What an experience!!

I was at a turning point in my life feeling that it was time I acted on the long lasting planning of what I would like to do with my life. How to make this idea happen?

As the saying goes, “Put the intention out there and watch it manifest”….An email about Lauren’s business literally fell from cyberspace and uncharacteristically for me, with little hesitation I signed up for the 7 week program.

Lauren made my commitment to this program achievable by providing a structure that flowed easily, was sequential and an environment that was conducive to reflecting.

I have gained clarity, affirmation and belief about my life’s purpose that for the 1st time I can genuinely see and feel it can be a reality. That is motivating & energising.

To ensure I continue to act on and commit to my journey, I am creating a space where I can work and build on the foundation I have developed thus far. This is to give me the best chance of actualising my life’s purpose and being fulfilled.

My life purpose theme is to advocate for young children’s wellbeing by inspiring the adults in their lives to embrace the ‘Go Slow Mindful Way of Being’. I do this through sharing my message, developing my own practice and promoting the wellbeing benefits of ‘BE-ing MIND-Ful’.
— Josique, 60

My life before the program was lacking in so many ways and aspects. From no self confidence, doubting myself to not following through with my hopes and dreams.

Since completing the Life Purpose Program I have:
1. Gained back my self confidence - I realised I had every right to do the things I love, without question
2. Improved my self relisation - I would always hear my loved ones and close friends pass me positive comments & I could never accept them or believe them BUT now I can see those positive comments are 100% me and I carry them with me in life in the most positive way possible!
3. Now put myself first - Before this program I would always try to please everyone around me and be their puppet, NOW I am still there for my loved ones, however I can tell when it’s time to put me first without feeling guilty or selfish.

I now have a very clear understanding of who I am and what I stand for in life. We can’t try and mirror other peoples lives, we just have to do what feels right for us. I now take each day as it comes, everything will pan out how it is supposed to as long as you stay true to yourself, morals and beliefs.
— Mel, 24

Thank you so much for my session last week.

It honestly was a breath of fresh air to speak with you and I really feel like that hour was the best hour spent. Thank you for opening me up to questions that made me think more about my future and give me more guidance.
— Bianca, 26

Before starting the 7 session program with Lauren my life was like it’s been for the past ten years - busy but lacking a sense of purpose and reason.

Since starting the program I now think more positively about the future, have an openness to exploring different options and trying to control things less. The biggest shift has been my focus on the options instead of limitations.

Although since completing the program I am still busy, I’m allowing myself more time to be creative and learn new things.
— Vanessa

I first approached Lauren never having done something like this, I must admit I was slightly nervous at a new endeavour, but very much open to it. Being very welcoming, she took the time to listen in every session and I naturally felt a sense of comfort. I could see she was really passionate about encouraging ME to make changes in MY life, I wanted to make; for some things it was like the gentle push over these hurdles I needed.

Without it, I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to achieve some of the big goals I have in the last few months.

Lauren’s continued support allows me to get through my messy web of healthy lifestyle and self-respect - for that, I truly value her support; thank you Lauren.
— Kylie, 25

Lauren has given me just the right little push to make some every day changes that has now seen me more aware and conscious of what I’m eating, more determined in what I’m doing, with more clarity in what I’m thinking.

With these small changes, I’m calmer, sleeping better and less guilt ridden.
— Tanya, 36