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A relaxing day that allowed me to connect with myself and other similar minded ladies.
Lauren’s workshop has given me the tools and confidence to take that next step on my wellness journey. What sets this workshop apart from others is the focus on celebrating the positives and not feeling guilty about indulging every now and again
Beautiful, energising yet soothing. Such a gorgeous day in a gorgeous location with gorgeous people!
What an amazing experience! It was wonderful to sit down, have some wine and understand that everyone is on a journey! You are never alone!
You are very inspiring and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge to better other people’s worlds! Muchly appreciated.
Beautiful and enlightening.
What a lovely evening! Beautiful blend of wellness and wine! Soulful session of connecting with other women. Love that I know have very specific steps to fulfil my life goals. Will def be back to the next session!
The retreat opened me up to further reflection.
Today helped me bring together many thoughts and emotions from the last few months. It allowed me to finally release them and look toward the future.
I enjoyed the workshop because I felt afterwards that I could make changes without being overwhelmed at the thought of starting.
I felt part of a collective experience with the other women.
A beautiful exploration of self in style. Thank you for providing a gorgeous night of wellness tips savoured with an appreciation of wine. Your process helped me to uncover insights and inspire me to wellness.
A transformational retreat filled with love, goodness and peace.
Lauren has really helped me to stay focussed and live life in a generous and kind way. Her little tips and tricks are daily reminders to pursue the life I want to love. There is an energy about Lauren that oozes truth.