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In The Stars & On The Ground

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Realise and activate your life purpose through the combined guidance of astrology and life coaching

I am beyond excited to be teaming up with Melanie Dufty, Perth's most incredible astrologer to bring to you this unique and powerful program. 

Over an extraordinary three months we will be combining Mel's guidance from the stars with my on the ground approach to support you in living a more meaningful and purposeful life. 

Payment Options:

You get six private sessions (three with each of us) topped'n'tailed by an initial workshop and a finale gathering to share, commit to and celebrate (with French bubbles) how you're now living your life.

About the program

A short 1 minute video about the program with Melanie Dufy, Astrologer & Lauren Howe, Life Coach.

People hope there is some predestined grand thing they’re inevitably going to do when they figure out what it is - there isn’t.

But there is a divine game plan for each of us and our free will determines how we play it and to what level. We each have a life purpose theme, which describes our talents and values and what or who will most challenge us in fully realising them, but it’s not a detailed prescription. 

Some of us want to do something huge, some want to enjoy simple daily life, some want to be of humble service, some to climb the ladder to corporate success. What matters is that you do what you really want, your way, and be who you are with flagrant finesse. This is who I am! This is what I care about! This is the way I live!

Over an extraordinary three months we will be combining Mel's guidance from the stars with Lauren's on the ground approach to support you in identifying what matters to you, where your talents and passions lie, what your life purpose theme is and how you can put it all into action!

What is included?

INITIAL WORKSHOP - Thursday 6 July 6:30-8:30pm Wembley
Connect with Melanie and Lauren as they share their experience and provide you with an overview of the program. Lauren will also guide you through your first self realisation activity designed to support you in gaining clarity about your current life and connect with the reasons you are embarking on this incredible journey.

We’ve designed these one hour sessions to take you on a journey, with each session building upon and opening pathways to the next:

  • Private Astrology Session 1 with Melanie - What's the big picture of who you are and why you’re here? We’ll understand the themes around what you’re here to express and learn, and how you bring yourself to the world. 
  • Private Coaching Session 1 with Lauren - Reconnect with your inner truth, passions, values and unique strengths! Become more aware of what matters to you and what you stand for in this life.
  • Private Astrology Session 2 with Melanie - What is your higher purpose? We’ll discuss your destiny points as shown in your astrology and discuss how that might look in your life.
  • Private Coaching Session 2 with Lauren - If it were all that easy we would be doing it already! Often the reason we aren’t is because there are challenges, barriers or fears that are getting in the way of us achieving our true desires. In this session you will acknowledge and begin planning to overcome what ever is holding you back!
  • Private Astrology Session 3 with Melanie - In context of all we’ve learnt about you so far, what does your astrology indicate can hold you back? What is your shadow behaviour? What’s your comfort zone that requires some extra push to move out of so you can reach for your destiny?
  • Private Coaching Session 3 with Lauren - It's time to take real action to support your new beliefs! This week you will review the new beliefs you want to create and start setting some tangible goals that will support you to live a more meaningful life.

Mel and Lauren will schedule in all of your private sessions upon booking. Both Mel and Lauren live in Wembley and will be offering these sessions face to face from their own homes, or via Skype if required.

THE FINALE GATHERING - Friday 6 October 6:30-8:30pm Wembley
This is an opportunity to share, commit to and celebrate (with French bubbles) how you're now living your life. The stars have aligned by providing a gorgeous full moon in Aries on Friday 6 October. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents new beginnings and fearless forward movement and a full moon is a time of harvesting and fulfillment. It’s a glorious night to share, commit to and celebrate our new beginnings on being even more of ourselves.

Pricing options

  • INITIAL WORKSHOP ONLY - $50 (if you choose to sign up for the full program this fee will be deducted) 
  • COMPLETE PROGRAM - $750 (includes initial workshop, six private sessions and finale gathering)
  • COMPLETE PROGRAM 3 X MONTHLY INSTALMENT PAYMENTS - $260 (includes initial workshop, six private sessions and finale gathering)

Payments can be made via credit card which incurs a transaction fee, cash or via bank transfer.
To book your place and pay via bank transfer or cash please email

Please note there are a limited number of places available for this program

About Melanie

Melanie Dufty (BA SSc, Dip Astro FAA) is an experienced astrologer with a passion for helping people on the journey of remembering who they are and why they're here.

Mel is also a communications professional with 15 years' experience in writing and editing.

She's studied spirituality and energy healing for over 12 years including all the Pranic Healing modalities and Arhatic Yoga, and is a practitioner of Stillpoint Institute's Integrated Therapeutic Alignment energy medicine and Mahat Meditation. Mel's been a practicing astrologer, energy worker and workshop facilitator for six years. Find out more at

About Lauren


Lauren is an experienced Lifestyle Food and Wellness Coach and International Institute for Complementary Therapists practitioner. She is passionate about empowering others to reconnect with their true passions and purpose, overcome self limiting beliefs and align their choices with their true self.

Lauren has also undertaken further studies in stress management and mindfulness. She is currently undertaking her meditation teacher training through the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies. Find out more about Lauren and her personal journey head to